ZEROPOWER Workshop in Cork, October 26-27, 2011



ZEROPOWER Workshop will be held in Cork, Oct 26-27 2011.

ZEROPOWER is a Coordination and support action funded by European Union, with the aim to create a coordination activity among consortia involved in “Toward Zero-Power ICT” research projects (FET proactive call FP7-ICT-2009-5, Objective 8.6) and communities of scientists interested in energy harvesting and low power, energy efficient ICT.

Next ZEROPOWER Workshop is finalized to build the emerging ICT-Energy related community, at networking existing “energy efficiency” national, regional or international activities/programmes in view of exploiting synergies, maximizing impact and contributing to the definition of international cooperation strategies and/or the development of research collaborations.

The Workshop will start on Oct 26 morning and foresees 6 overview talks, several focused talks and a PhD session.

An intervention from a representative of European Commission is foreseen on the 26th, together with an overview on the research projects involved in ZEROPOWER Consortium (NANOPOWER, Green Si and SiNAPS).


Please find here the Workshop agenda.


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Please find below the list of speakers and the slides of talks available for download.




List of speakers


Gabriel Abadal-Berini (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Zeropower Solutions based on Integrated M/NOEMS Resonators Nanopiezotronics

Eduard Alarcon (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) Co-design of Power Management Circuits and Nano-energy Harvesters

Markys Cain (NPL) Energy Harvesting Metrology Programme

Francesco Cottone (ESIEE) Buckled Beam Oscillators for Vibration Harvesting

Fritz Falk (EPFL) Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells

Isabelle Ferain (Tyndall) Junctionless Nanowire Field Effect Transistors

Lourdes Ferre-Llin (University of Glasgow) Nanoelectronic TE Energy Generation

Fabian Hartmann (Universität Würzburg) Noise-enhanced Transport in Nanoelectronic Devices

Adrian Ionescu  (EPFL) Guardian Angels FET Flagship Project

Maher Kayal (EPFL) Energy Management in SiNAPS

Naser Khosro Pour (EPFL) Electronics Implementation of Energy Management in SiNAPS

Francesco Orfei (Università di Perugia) Vibration Powered Wireless Sensor and Performance Comparison

Alan O'Riordan (Tyndall) Gold Nanowires as Future Low-Power Sensors

Merid Legesse (Tyndall) Atomic-scale Modelling for Solar Energy Materials

Miquel López-Suárez (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Graphene-Based Energy Harvesting

Björn Sothmann (Université de Genève) Noise-induced Currents in Open Quantum Dots

James Rohan (Tyndall) Materials and Nano-architectures for Energy Storage

Saibal Roy (Tyndall) Vibrational Energy Harvesting

Helios Vocca (Università di Perugia) Energy Harvesting with Nonlinear Piezoelectric Microscillators


EC Initiatives


Francisco Ibanèz-Gallardo (EC, FET Proactive Unit) FET in the ICT Workprogramme 2011-2012

Giorgos Fagas SiNAPS: Semiconducting Nanowire Platform for Autonomous Sensors

Luca Gammaitoni ZEROPOWER Coordination Action

                            Nanopower: Nanoscale energy management for powering ICT devices

Douglas Paul Green Si: Generate Renewable Energy Efficiently using Nanofabricated Silicon